Jack Osbourne speaks out about Ozzy & Sharon: ‘They don’t have this picture-perfect marriage, and they’ve never claimed to’

Hours before Ozzy Osbourne announced that he’s entered “intense therapy” for sex addiction, his son Jack got candid about his parents’ marital troubles.

“They’re working on it,” Jack said Wednesday on Sway in the Morning of Ozzy and Sharon. “You know, they’re trying to rein it in. They’ve been together for so long and this isn’t their first rodeo. … They don’t have this picture-perfect marriage, and they’ve never claimed to, so they’re just trying to figure it out, I guess.”

It’s hard to have a normal childhood when your dad’s a heavy metal rock star biting bats on stage. But on The Jenny McCarthy Show, Jack said his parents did a good job explaining the paparazzi and fan frenzy surrounding his family.

“My mom always told us from a very young age, she’d always be like, ‘Listen, I know it kind of disturbs the flow and whatever, but there’s a problem when they stop coming up to your father. If they keep coming up to your father, that lets us know your dad’s doing well and he’s still someone that they want to interact with,’ ” he said Wednesday morning on The Jenny McCarthy Show.

As for the best things he learned from the Black Sabbath singer and music manager/TV host, ” I think it’s probably work ethic,” he said. “My parents, they grew up working, both of them, from the time they were really young, and it’s just like, roll your sleeves up, do it, don’t complain, keep your head down.”

Still, being left at home as a kid while his parents hit the road for shows, “totally affected me,” he added. “There was the absence. There was a lot of nannies, and that kind of sucks. But some of my fondest memories are going traveling with them, going on tours.”

And now, Jack is traipsing around the globe with his dad for their History Channel show, Ozzy and Jack’s World Detour.

His one regret?

“As weird as it sounds, I probably wish they would have picked me up from school more,” he said.

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