J.B. Smoove on Larry David: ‘I might just lose my marbles around Larry’

Mile-a-minute talker and comedian J.B. Smoove perfectly compliments Larry David’s delightfully crotchety character on Curb Your Enthusiasm. Unfortunately, as David recently revealed on the Howard Stern Show, the popular HBO comedy may not return for a ninth season. Of course, Smoove had something to say about that.

“When I first met Larry, we were on the set. And I said, ‘Larry, what you should do is do an even 10 [seasons] cause I think 10 looks great in a boxed set,'” Smoove said.

While Leon and Larry are a match made in heaven on the small screen, a standing coffee date between Smoove and David is not on the agenda.

“Even though we seem like we get along perfectly, that perfectly might not work if we hung out all the time. I might just lose my marbles around Larry,” Smoove said. “If Larry invited my ass out for cappuccino. Right? And he’s sittin’ there with his legs crossed and drinking his cappuccino, and he’s making observations about sh-t, I’d be like, ‘Man, you need to leave people the f-ck alone.'”

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