Tinx meets her ‘talk-show queen’ Drew Barrymore during surprise call

“Wait, is this Drew Barrymore?!”

Advice expert, host and digital creator Tinx premiered her weekly live call-in show on SiriusXM Stars (Ch. 109), It’s Me, Tinx Live — and her second caller was quite the surprise: Drew Barrymore. Listen to the call below now, and catch the full episode on the SiriusXM App.

Tinx, who also hosts a podcast that drops every Monday and Friday, found herself having a fangirl moment of her own. And the feeling was mutual — in advance of Tinx’s appearance on Drew Barrymore’s own show, both powerhouse women took turns praising the impact of the other while discussing mental health and more.

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“I started realizing how important it is to be motivated to grow as a human being and there are tools and there are behaviors and there are reactions and there are patterns and cycles that we need to break,” Barrymore remarked. “And I think the words you’re spreading about attitudes and reactions are so necessary out there in the world. So I really am one of your biggest fans.”

From there, Tinx even shared a moving daily mantra for Barrymore to carry throughout the day.

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