‘ISIS is quite different from al Qaeda,’ says former MI6 agent

ISIS a.k.a. ISIL came out of the ranks of al Qaeda, is a religious extremist group and has been very public about killing Americans. But the comparisons with al Qaeda may end there. Whatever similarities the two groups may share, however, they are very different. And should not be confused, according to former MI6 agent and founder of The Conflicts Forum, Alistair Crooke, who spoke with The Michelangelo Signorile Show on SiriusXM Progress.

“ISIS is quite different from al Qaeda. This is a group that is not concerned with killing Americans, or killing Britons. Al Qaeda was trying to wage a virtual war by which it would poke at America, outrage America, provoke it into an overreaction and then an over extension,” Crooke says. “ISIS is insistent on trying to create God’s principality here in Iraq and in Syria. Establishing Sharia, establishing the principals of Wahabism on the ground. And ultimately, its targets are not the United States …[but to]  take Medina and Mecca. Then you have the legitimacy. You are the Amir of Sunni Islam.”

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