Sarah Jessica Parker spills on a possible Sex and the City 3 — and Sandra Bernhard reveals she almost played Miranda!

We couldn’t help but wonder … are Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda headed back to the big screen?

Despite the second movie’s lackluster reviews, fans of the Sex and the City franchise have been begging Sarah Jessica Parker to get Manhattan’s fashionable foursome back together, and the stars have teased each other about reunion rumors on Twitter.

Sadly, Parker said hopelessly romantic writer Carrie’s Manolos are staying in her closet — for now.

“There are currently no plans,” the actress said Wednesday on Just Jenny. “I’m not being cagey or withholding. You would see through that.”

“No plans,” host Jenny Hutt repeated, to which Parker added, “Thus far.”

Parker, 51, also stopped by Sandyland for an interview airing Friday, and Sandra Bernhard dropped a casting bombshell about the original HBO series on SJP.

“I could have been your best friend on Sex and the City. I was the first one offered the role of Miranda,” said Bernhard, 60. “Have you never been told that?”

“I had no idea!” Parker cried.

Cynthia Nixon went on to play the type A attorney after Bernhard passed because the pay was far lower than she’d gotten on her previous TV show, Roseanne.

“Like an idiot, I didn’t take it,” she said. “But simultaneously, that’s when I got pregnant, and I also did my one-woman show. … You take different roads.”

Hear Bernhard’s full interview with Parker on Friday at 12:30 pm ET on Radio Andy (Ch. 102). Just Jenny airs weekdays from 6-8 pm ET on SiriusXm Stars (Ch. 109).

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