With the revealing of the 2015 All-Star team rosters earlier this week, the annual debate regarding whether the MLB should change the selection process has begun.

Among those in favor of changes is Mad Dog Sports Radio’s Adam Schein, who spoke out against the process causing deserving players to be snubbed, and demanded a change in the rule requiring all teams be represented.

“I’d rather see, you’d rather see, one week from tonight, the best players in Major League Baseball,” Schein said. “Can we please stop with this garbage of one player from each team. Seriously, what is this, kindergarten where everybody needs to go home happy?”

Schein also stated his disapproval of the All-Star Game deciding home-field advantage in the World Series.

“This damn game counts,” Schein said. “You know what should happen with the World Series home field? You ready? The team with the best record should get home-field advantage. You’re welcome, America. I did it for you.”

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