Is Drake taking super-fandom to a whole new level?

Rap superstar Drake is a Toronto native, so it can be expected that he’s having the time of his life while watching the Raptors in the Eastern Conference Finals. After all, this is the furthest Toronto has ever reached in the NBA Playoffs. But Drizzy is taking this super-fan thing to new heights.

After a 105-99 win on Monday, the Raptors have managed to tie their series with the Cleveland Cavaliers at 2-2. Following the win, Drake took to his Instagram to celebrate and simultaneously troll Cavs guard Kyrie Irving:


Shots fired. Drake is referencing the fact that Irving’s production has dropped from 26.5 points on 59 percent shooting in Cleveland’s two wins to 19.5 points on 35 percent shooting in the losses. Taking mocking to that level is what kids today would call “#Savage.”

Trolling of such epic proportions is nothing new to the “6God,” however, as he took a shot at Paul George during Toronto’s semifinal series with the Indiana Pacers. He also isn’t afraid to do some in-person trolling, as Rodney Stuckey can attest to:

Irving also hasn’t been the only Cavalier to feel Drake’s Instagram wrath:



You might want to “smh” right about now, but consider this: if you were a millionaire rapper who could afford to sit courtside at your favorite team’s home games and act like you’re the coach, wouldn’t you do just that?


Drake also probably has personal relationships with these guys, as he’s a known sports fan. And these athletes all probably have Views bumping on repeat before they take the court. We’d probably act the same way if we were in his position. But the interesting thing is, before Drake was a Toronto super-fan, he was known as a total fanboy.

It was just a couple years ago that he was schmoozing with LeBron James (who he trolled above) in celebration of the Miami Heat’s 2013 championship. During that “Big 3” run, Drake was frequently courtside at Heat games. (Now, an “smh” is completely understandable.) He also became a fan of the Kentucky men’s basketball team when they started contending for national championships, leading to some NCAA rules violations and this hilariously sad, why-is-this-guy-allowed-on-the-court? moment:

All these antics have sparked a compendium of memes across the Internet showcasing Drizzy’s frontrunner flip-flopping.

So does Drake get a pass for his social media trolling and fanboy-ism? I mean, I guess so, because who’s gonna tell him to stop? And even if someone told him to stop, will he listen? We have no choice but to sit back and “smh” or smile as he continues his Instagram assault.


(Editor’s note: To be clear, I’m not a fan of Drake, haven’t been one for years, and still haven’t heard Views in its entirety. So please don’t lump me in with the Drake-stans and apologists who defend the guy’s every move.)

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