Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly has had his coaching style examined of late after implications of racism from some of his former players, including LeSean McCoy and Brandon Boykin.

SiriusXM’s Mad Dog Sports Radio was joined by Stephen A. Smith recently, and he explained why if Kelly is the only big name head coach facing such accusations, there may be some truth to them

“You can’t factually and definitively say somebody is one way or the other,” Smith said. “But if you got these guys that are saying those things, we must take into consideration you’ve got older, sterner, more accomplished, high-profile white coaches, and that has never ever ever been said about them.”

Former NFL offensive tackle Lincoln Kennedy joined SiriusXM Bleacher Report Radio and said that he believes Kelly is just strict.

“I see a coach who wants things done his way,” said Kennedy. “I don’t care what the coach wants, I’ll do whatever his program is, as long as it translates into wins. When it doesn’t translate into wins, then I’m going to question, ‘Why are you micromanaging me?'”

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