Imagine Dragons have a hot tub in their recording studio (and more signs of success)

How do you know when you’ve made it? Is it when you dethrone Drake on the Billboard 200? Or is it when you install a hot tub in your recording studio?

Either way, Imagine Dragons are killin’ it. With Smoke + Mirror‘s strong debut and an upcoming tour, the band has a lot to celebrate. The group stopped by The Howard Stern Show to talk about success, including what they treated themselves to once they hit Grammy-grabbing status.

“We bought a house in Las Vegas and turned it into a recording studio to record the next album. We have a hot tub in our live recording room now,” said drummer Daniel Platzman.

And how do their neighbors feel about the band’s boisterous recording sessions? Let’s just say they have an understanding.

“Our next door neighbors are real deal, 100 percent dealing all day, people coming in and out,” said lead vocalist Dan Reynolds. “We have an agreement that we won’t say anything about [them] drug dealing if they don’y say anything about the noise.”

By now, you’ve definitely heard Radioactive, one of the signature singles on the band’s first album, Night Visions. With regular airplay on SiriusXM’s Hits 1 and Alt Nation, fans may be shocked to hear the feedback the song got in the early stages.

“The record company said [Radioactive] was the one song on the album that would never play on the radio,” said Platzman.

Imagine that (heh, heh)!

And if you haven’t seen the band’s Stand By Me cover, get on that!

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