IGN eSports Today went to E3 and saw the future (and countless legends)

The video game Industry converged on Los Angeles, California for E3 and IGN eSports Today on SiriusXM Bleacher Report Radio was there talking to the biggest names including NBA Hall of Famer (and Street Fighter enthusiast) Bill Walton who talked with our own Kevin Knocke about the spectacle that is E3. We’re still catching our breath! In addition to Walton we met former NBAer/hunk, Rick Fox, Xavier Woods from WWE’s New Day (and who will be competing at Money In the Bank on Sunday) and Kristian Segerstrale of Super Evil Megacorp as guests. Not to mention all of the Virtual Reality games we tested out with Oculus.

VR really was the talk of E3. The tech behind it is becoming more and more affordable and accessible with every passing year and its impact on the gaming industry has not gone unnoticed. Here’s Xavier Woods on what he thinks it’ll do:

Rick Fox meanwhile talked with us about the evolution of gamers into athletes and how he got into gaming to begin with: 

E3 is the one time of year where the gaming industry and the gamers themselves truly show how extensive and worldwide the vertical has become. With VR as accessible as the smartphone in your pocket, we see the here and now as merely the start of e-games and we cannot wait until next year to see where the industry goes in the next 365 days.

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