Ian Ziering starred in the first ‘Sharknado’ to get health insurance (and he’s so glad he did!)

Sharknado is back.

The third installment of the SyFy made-for-TV movie (titled Oh Hell No!) took social media by storm this week.

Ian Ziering, who reprised his role as Finley “Fin” Shepherd, talked to Larry Flick on OutQ about the phenomenon.

“This is a new genre … It’s not action adventure. It’s not science fiction. It’s the fun movie where everyone’s in on the joke except the people in the movie!”

And he admitted that he wasn’t sold on Sharknado early on.

“Initially I didn’t want to do this movie, I thought it would be a nail in my coffin,” Ziering said. “With SAG you have to make so much every year to make the quota to get [health] insurance, and I was having a baby three months later and every year it resets, so early January this came across my desk and I realized ‘yea, I’m going to have to take one for the team.’ I didn’t think anyone would ever see this movie.”

The former 90210 actor talked about how the series has impacted his life plus the new clothing line he started because of it.

“Everywhere I go, people recognize me from this movie, people have something to say about it and I’m just a lucky guy,” said Ziering. “We came up with this edgy graphic of crossed chainsaws and put it on everything and sold out of everything online.”

Listen to the entire interview here:

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