Howard really wants Steve Carell to win Oscar for Best Actor

King of all Media. America’s Judge. Lord of Fart Manor (yup). Steve Carell’s Academy Award campaign manager.

That last one is a new title for Howard, but it is one he is taking pretty seriously. The odds of Carell winning for Foxcatcher are 125 to one, so Howard’s already instructed Carell to start a rumor about Birdman’s Michael Keaton.

“You’re too kind a guy to do this, so I’ll do it for you. Here’s what I’m gonna say: To all the Academy voters who are thinking of voting for Michael Keaton cause he’s the odds-on favorite, I want you to take a good look at that film again. Give your vote to Steve Carell,” Howard said. “That Birdman is a lot of sh-t, and you know it.”

“So, even if I don’t feel that that is correct, I should trash talk?” Carell asked.

“You should make a speech right now talking about how Michael Keaton eats babies,” Howard said.

“Yeah … yeah, I have to go slander,” Carell decided.

There you have it, folks. The days of Steve Carell as Mr. Nice Guy are over.

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