After missing the playoffs for the second straight year and finishing the season with the NBA’s second worst record at 17-65, the New York Knicks obviously have a lot of work to do this off-season. That includes Thursday’s NBA Draft, and then this summer’s free-agent period, in which they will have to be extremely active in order to make the drastic improvements needed for them to compete next season.

So how should the Knicks approach the free-agent market this offseason? NBA writer Howard Beck gave this thoughts on the question on SiriusXM Bleacher Report Radio.

“I think that their best bet is to use that $26 million, not to go blow it on two guys who take up all of it with a couple of max deals, but to spread it around to four, or five, six players, who are all solid two-way guys who can defend, who can pass, make an open shot, and start to build that vision Phil is talking about,” Beck said. “[Carmelo Anthony] is 31 and coming off knee surgery, but they do have a 25-point-a-game guy to build around, so you don’t have to go hit the home run this summer.”

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