As the NFL approaches opening night, we wanted to know: How does a former NFL quarterback – no, not an armchair quarterback – watch football on Sundays, Mondays and Thursdays? SiriusXM NFL Radio’s Jim Miller filled us in. (And took us to school.)

You do watch it for enjoyment. But it’s almost like you look at the game differently now, because you’ve been trained so many years in the National Football League.

So, for me, I’m looking at personnel groupings on the offensive side of the ball. You’re almost trained now, because you played the position so long, that you go through your checklist. Every time I see the offense break the huddle, and go up to the line of scrimmage, I’m looking at the defensive front.

Is it under? Is it over? Where are the linebackers? Is it a 4-3 stack? Is it an under Sam on the line, or Sam-Will on the line, that’s showing maybe a blitz look?

And then, you’re looking at the coverage.

What is the pre-snap read? What coverage are they showing, and at the snap of the ball, are they rotating to another coverage? Is the strong-side safety rotating down to the tight end side, or do they rotate to the weak side? Because coverage tells you everything about where a quarterback should go with the football.

So you just become disciplined in the craft of playing quarterback, because that was on every checklist of every team I ever played for. We looked front, linebackers, through to the coverage, on every snap in the NFL.

Looking at everything, thinking of the situations:

Where’s the clock down to? Is there time enough to call timeout? What’s the situation? Is it first-and-10? Is it second-and-long? Is it third-and-short? How should the quarterback manage this situation?

And then, of course, you’re always going to dissect the play that’s called. What went right, what went wrong. Then you start to analyze all of those things, because you’re pretty critical as a quarterback.

All those things go through you’re mind as you’re watching an NFL game on TV.

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