How can America own up to its history and grapple issues of race?

As the US continues to grapple with issues of race, history is proving to be an invaluable tool to underscore and discuss uncomfortable truths still governing the dynamics of race. How can history help us face and overcome troubling truths? This weekend on Aspen Ideas to Go (on SiriusXM Insight Ch. 121), Bryan Stevenson, founder and director of the Equal Justice Initiative, speaks with Harvard President Drew Gilpin Faust about his organization’s efforts to build a museum examining the legacy of slavery, racial terrorism, segregation, and police violence. Stevenson says it’s time to change the narrative and it starts with America owning up to its history.

Hear the entire episode of Aspen Ideas to Go Saturday and Sunday at 1 pm ET on SiriusXM Insight (Ch. 121).

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