Hoda Kotb: ‘We have a great country; it’s not going anywhere’

As some Americans rejoice over Donald Trump’s win and others mourn Hillary Clinton’s historic bid for the White House, Hoda Kotb has a message: It’s time to come together.

The TODAY host recalled speaking to a woman working at her gym whose son spent the night crying.

“Imagine you’re an immigrant kid, and someone says he’s gonna take your family away, you are legitimately afraid. And I think if you have an opportunity to make someone feel better, you should,” Kotb said. “If you’re victorious in this, you should be magnanimous and reach out and help somebody who’s feeling insecure. This is no time for gloating. This is time for unity. And I really believe in it. I believe in the goodness in people, everybody. I mean, I’ve lived  everywhere in the country different times of my life. I’ve lived in the deep South, I’ve lived up North, I’ve lived here and there and all over, and every place I’ve lived, I’ve loved it. I lived in Greenville, Mississippi, which is probably one of divisive cities ever, and I loved it there. So I see the goodness in people. So I think if you have an opportunity to lighten someone’s mood, just do it. Just do it.”

“We have a great country, it’s not going anywhere, and a lot of people are very pleased that there’s going to be change, and they’re so sick of everything being stuck like it’s been for years and years,” she added. “The country spoke, and it’s time to pay attention. But we shouldn’t have nice, good, hard-working people crying.”

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