History denied: Michael Wacha loses no-hitter with 2 outs in 9th

The inches we need are everywhere around us. They are in every break of the game. Every minute. Every second.

– Al Pacino from Any Given Sunday

OK, so Pacino was referring to football. But even in baseball, an inch can make all the difference. Case in point: Michael Wacha of the St. Louis Cardinals.

Last night, Wacha was tossing a no-hitter against the Washington Nationals. It was the bottom of the ninth. Twenty-six outs had been recorded. The home crowd was on its feet, ready to witness history. All he needed was one … more … out.

And then:

[mlbvideo id=”30921709″ width=”400″ height=”224″ /]

Ooph. That has to hurt, Armando Galarraga-style. History denied.

Wacha joined MLB Roundtrip with Jeff Joyce post-game to talk about the no-no near miss:

Great outlook and attitude from the rookie who, as a consolation prize, is getting a trip to the postseason.

(Oh, and the Cardinals must be pleased. Wacha was selected 19th overall in the 2012 draft as one of two compensatory picks awarded to the Cardinals when … Albert Pujols went to the Angels.)

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