Hip-Hop icons Eminem + Redman show respect for one another, hint at collaboration on Shade 45

Eminem has always been a vocal fan of Redman – going as far as to shout him out as the first on his list that also included Jay Z, Tupac and Biggie on Till I Collapse – so when the veteran rapper appeared on Em’s channel Shade 45 for Lord Sear’s All Out Show, he didn’t miss the opportunity to call in and show his respect.

After a second of catching up, Eminem started reminiscing about his first trip to New York City – before he was the famous rapper he is today – and proved just how far back his love for Redman went.

“A couple of weeks ago I was cleaning out my closest – pun intended – and ran across this old picture and sh-t, right, and I was like what the f–k is [this]?” he said.

Eminem had realized that the photo was a picture he took in New Jersey, outside of the Redman’s house.

“I realized, the first time I went to New York — I actually went to New York and then we went to Jersey — me and Bizarre went to record with the Outsidaz,” he explained. “And we had actually ended up stopping by your house. … So I’m like, ’Oh, sh-t! That’s the picture I took out the back window of your house.’ On some fan sh-t. You know, it was like, ’Holy sh-t! That’s Redman’s house.’ I had my little automatic, instant camera and took the picture and sh-t. I’m like, f–k, I forgot I did that.”

He continued fan-boying and asked Redman to sign the photo.

“Yo man one day I gotta get you to sign it man, just for the archives, you know.”

Redman agreed, but said he had a request of his own for Em – to make an appearance on his upcoming Muddy Waters 2 album.

“I’m on board,” he said. “I’m here, man.”

Redman also offered to hook up Eminem with some other memorabilia.

“Yo, that’d be so crazy man,” Em responded. “Yo, you know, because like I’ve said publicly, man, you’re one of my favorites of all time. So that’s never gonna change, man, I’m so glad. Keep doing it, man.”

Redman showed respect in turn.

“You keep doing what you’re doin’, too, because I definitely show that respect right back to you bro – in all interviews. You’re one of my favorite artists too. Keep doing what you doin and you’ve got my support over here brother.”

Listen to the full conversation here:

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