Let’s say you had a friend who’d literally never listened to hip-hop. Sure, that’s basically impossible, but say they existed. Maybe they’ve been living on Mars for their entire lives. What would you instruct them to listen to first?

Backspin‘s Ed Lover tackled this unusually difficult question with hip-hop great KRS-One, who stopped by SiriusXM to school us on the best introductory records for hip-hop newbs.

“To introduce hip-hop to somebody who has never heard hip-hop before, what three songs or three albums would you recommend?” asked Ed.

“That’s not an easy answer,” responded KRS. “First of all, who is this person??”

After jokingly chiding Ed for asking such an out there question, KRS jumped in. “I would start you off with Criminal Minded [by KRS-One’s former collective, Boogie Down Productions]. And The Great Adventures of Slick Rick [by Slick Rick].”

Wanna know what other essential albums KRS recommends for your hip-hop starter kit? Check out the video below.

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