Hillary Clinton: We are responsible for modeling behavior we want from kids

A few days after her speech in Atlanta was interrupted by protesters — some reportedly affiliated with the Black Lives Matter movement — Hillary Clinton spoke with Urban View host Joe Madison and discussed “ban the box,” the black vote, going undercover in Alabama and more.

The candidate also reacted to the case of the female student in Spring Valley, S.C., who was shown on videotape being thrown to the ground by a sheriff’s deputy in a classroom.

“We are responsible in many ways for modeling the behavior we want from our children,” Clinton said. “People in positions of authority — particularly teachers, police officers, etc — we need to take a very hard look at how we deal with the problems kids have today and try to help children where they are. And if they’re acting out, you know, there are a lot of alternatives to picking them up and throwing them on the ground.”

Hear the entire interview below:

Photo by Barbara Kinney for Hillary for America

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