Hear from the man who received world’s most extensive face transplant

Volunteer firefighter Patrick Hardison was seriously burned over his entire face, head, neck and upper torso in 2001. He lost his eyelids, ears, lips, most of his nose, hair and eyebrows. After 70 surgeries, he was still unable to return to a normal life. Hardison was losing his sight and suffering from depression. And then he met Dr. Eduardo Rodriguez.

Dr. Rodriguez and his team at NYU Langone Medical Center gave Patrick Hardison a new face.

The patient and doctor will join Perri Peltz for a special Doctor Radio Reports (Ch. 110) August 25 at 3 p.m. ET to look back at the year and progress made since they completed the most extensive face transplant in history.



Last November, Dr. Rodriguez discussed the procedure on Doctor Radio (Ch. 110). He talked to host Perri Peltz about the entire journey: Hardison’s injury, finding a donor, the difficulty of the 26-hour surgery, the patient’s emotional state, recovery ahead and more.

Plus, transplant coordinator Helen Irving told us about the donor, 26-year-old David P. Rodebaugh — and his mother’s reaction to seeing Hardison after the surgery.

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