Hear about Trump ‘going profane,’ SCOTUS importance + more from GOP candidates

Three Republican candidates made stops at the famous Red Arrow Diner in Manchester, New Hampshire Tuesday, as “Live Free or Die” state residents cast their ballots in the country’s first primary.

“When Donald [Trump] is losing, he gets rattled. He doesn’t handle it well,” Ted Cruz said on The Wilkow Majority the day after Trump repeated a certain vulgar word yelled by a supporter in reference to Cruz.

“It’s fairly predictable, the pattern … he begins insulting everyone, he begins going as outrageous as he can, he begins often becoming profane.”

The senator also weighed in on what he says is one of the most important issues: The Supreme Court.

“We are one liberal justice away from the Supreme Court ordering Ten Commandments monuments taken down at courthouses and city halls throughout this country. We’re one justice away from the Supreme Court concluding that no American has an individual right to keep and bear arms … We are one justice away from the Supreme Court striking down every restriction on abortion.”

John Kasich spoke with Michael Smerconish on POTUS about his experience campaigning.

“Why are we having a handful of billionaires trying to pick our president? I’d rather have a handful of coal miners pick our president,” the governor said. “Campaign finance will be something we’re going to have to address.”

Dr. Ben Carson commented on Ted Cruz’s claims that CNN inaccurately reported Carson was suspending his campaign on the eve of the Iowa caucus.

“When did CNN become your beacon of truth?” the candidate joked with Patriot‘s Andrew Wilkow, adding that his volunteers were crushed by the rumor.

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