Happy Birthday Willie Nelson! Check out our 6 favorite Willie moments

Willie Nelson is such a chill dude, he feels like someone you’d just want to hang with. Well, let us assure you. He is definitely someone you want to hang out with under any circumstances. And as a member of the SiriusXM family, we’ll take any opportunity to celebrate him, but especially his birthday(s).

And we say birthday(s), because as is just so fitting, Willie Nelson was born in the middle of the night so he celebrates his birthday on both April 29 and April 30. That means we get to party through the night in his honor!

First off, his daughter Paula Nelson‬ is co-hosting with Dallas Wayne, taking calls and birthday wishes from Willie’s extended family and friends on Wednesday 4/29 from noon – 6 pm ET from the SiriusXM Willie’s Roadhouse studios on Willie Nelson Blvd. in Austin, TX.  Then starting at 10 pm ET, we’re airing back-to-back concert rebroadcasts of his historic 80th birthday show at the Backyard in Bee Cave, TX and a recent performance at the House of Blues – Las Vegas from just this past January.

But before you tune, let’s enjoy our most special Willie moments.


Letting us into the Heartbreaker Banquet

Covering Pearl Jam’s Just Breathe in epic fashion

Talking with Eddie Vedder about smokin’ a J-

Sitting down for a chat with SiriusXM fans

Telling drunk jokes to Johnny Knoxville

BONUS: It may not have happened here, but we premiered Willie & Merle Haggard’s new song It’s All Going to Pot

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