Our top 5 favorite songs from The Piano Man

While we love everyone who walks through our doors, there’s something extra special about Billy Joel. He feels more like family. Maybe it’s because of his SiriusXM Town Hall with Howard Stern, or maybe it’s because he’s been making iconic tunes for so long that many of us grew up listening to him. But whatever it is, everyone has a special memory with The Piano Man. To celebrate his new SiriusXM channel, our programmers picked their favorite Billy songs and moments.

Howard Stern

Well we can’t speak for The King of All Media, but if we were to guess his favorite Billy Joel moment, it would be from the SiriusXM Town Hall in New York City.

70s on 7: Vienna

“‘Slow down, you crazy child.’ The entire song was used in a movie, I don’t remember which one. But I fell in love with it instantly and searched it out.” – 70s on 7 host Magic Matt.

80s on 8: We Didn’t Start the Fire

“We Didn’t Start The Fire … so many timely and topical rhyming lines, it’s great to try and sing along with … but tough to get it all correct!” – 80s on 8 programmer Jim Ryan

90s on 9 + The Blend: The River of Dreams

“On the 90s on 9 it has to be River of Dreams, the title song from his last pop album. Catchy melody, so of course I sing the backing vocals: ‘In the middle of the, I go walkin’ in my sleep,’ but the message is deep. Like a river.” – 90s on 9 programmer Ron Ross

E Street Radio: New York State of Mind

“My favorite Billy and Bruce moment was during the 25th Anniversary Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Concert when Bruce Springsteen introduced Billy Joel and together they played Billy’s New York State Of Mind at Madison Square Garden in NYC. As Bruce says: ‘There will be a reunion, are you ready for the summit at the Garden … Are you ready for the bridge & tunnel summit meeting right here, right now! Because Long Island is about to meet New Jersey on the neutral ground of New York City! So I’d like to invite The King of Long Island to come out and meet the E Street Band, Mr. Billy Joel!'” – E Street Radio programmer Vincent Usuriello

And here are a few choice pics and quotes from Billy’s Town Hall:

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