Hank Haney can’t believe what Colin Montgomerie said about Rory McIlroy

You know what they say about opinions. Everybody’s got them. Colin Montgomerie especially. And his latest opinion left SiriusXM PGA TOUR Radio host Hank Haney scratching his head.

In talking about the 2015 season and the return of Tiger Woods, Monty told Kicca.com that Rory McIlroy is better than Tiger Woods ever was.

“Is he going to be able to get back, not just to the levels he was but better than that?” Monty asked, referring to Tiger. “Because that’s where Rory McIlroy’s taken the standard of golf: to one level beyond where Tiger was.”

Haney called Montgomerie’s feelings “the most amazing statement” he’s ever seen, and then proceeded to put the McIlroy-Tiger debate in perspective.

Rory won three tournaments last year. Three out of 17 tournaments. Is Colin Montgomerie aware of Tiger Woods’ record? Rory McIlroy has won 10 percent of his tournaments. Tiger Woods has won 25 percent of his tournaments over his entire career. Rory McIlroy has missed 11 percent of his cuts. Tiger Woods has missed six percent of his cuts. Rory McIlroy has been top-10 45 percent of the time. Tiger Woods has been top-10 59 percent of the time. Tiger Woods has finished first or second 34 percent of the time. Rory McIlroy has finished first or second 16 percent of the time. Tiger Woods has held all four majors at one time. My goodness.

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