Greg McElroy Q&A: Playing for Nick Saban, in the SEC, and with Tim Tebow

Greg McElroy, the former Alabama and NFL quarterback and current host of The First Team on SiriusXM College Sports Nation with Taylor Zarzour, sat down with SiriusXM to reflect on his college career.

What was the best thing about playing for Nick Saban?

I think the fact that we were winning. That was the most exciting part. You could sense that things were getting turned around. That was the fun and exciting part. Really, just getting to know him as a person and getting to know him as a coach. That was all really enjoyable for me as a player.

What was the worst?

First and foremost, having to answer the question, “What is Nick Saban like?” I get asked that question a ton! The other answer is I think the expectations that the outside world put on you. Sometimes it’s really difficult and sometimes expectations get blown up a little bit but Nick Saban has always fielded quality teams. Certainly there was a lot of pressure on us as players, but we kind of embraced it. That was one of the more difficult things, having to answer the questions over and over again about how good we’re going to be year in and year out.

There are a ton of crazy fans in the SEC. Which stadium was the toughest to play in?

On a consistent basis, LSU. On a one-game basis was against the Arkansas Razorbacks in 2010. We ended up escaping there with a win, but it was a top-5 matchup. They had one of their best seasons in recent memory and that was certainly one of the most electric atmospheres I’ve ever played in.

What was the funniest thing a fan ever yelled at you?

When I was a redshirt freshman, I got to play against Tennessee. One of their fans was calling me a “walk-on” on the sideline. I thought it was really funny: “Hey, you stupid walk-on!”

How did your playing career prepare you for SiriusXM College Sports Nation?

Getting to know the teams on a daily basis, enjoying getting to know the players when I was in the league and really following a lot of these programs from a fly on the wall perspective for a number of years definitely have me prepared and excited to take this opportunity with SiriusXM.

You played with Tim Tebow in New York. Give us some dirt on him.

There is none. He’s as squeaky clean as they come.

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