Green: NFLRA has ‘problem with the terminology’ in push for full-time status

As far as Scott Green is concerned, NFL referees already put in the type of hours that would constitute full-time status.

Therefore, the league’s push for full-time game officials raises some concerns with him, as the head of the NFL Referees Association.

‘We always start from the reality that we are full time’

“We always start from the reality, if you will, that we are full time,” Green told Zig Fracassi and Alex Marvez on the End Zone. “The changes that occurred in the last 15 years, as far as internet access, I mean we’re getting stuff all week long. We’re obviously, during the season we’re traveling on the weekends and we’re working games and you’re on the phone with your crew. And, obviously, we are there whenever there are games to be played. To the extent that there’s a desire to have do OTAs and that sort of thing in the spring season, essentially the offseason, we certainly have plenty of guys that are willing to do that.

“So we have a problem with the terminology. But to get to the issue of someone that would be working in season in one role and then sort of in this period right now in what we call the offseason, we agreed to that as potentially being something that could be done in the 2012 contract.”

‘What’s the pay going to be? What are the responsibilities’

But whether it does happen is another matter. There still are plenty of questions that Green and NFLRA members have.

“What’s the pay going to be? What are the responsibilities? What kind of duties will they be doing?” Green said. “None of that’s been defined at this point, so although we agree that up to 17 individuals could be ‘fulltime,’ working both in the regular season and then in the offseason, to this date that has never been clarified. (The league has) obviously made a push in making it clear they intend to move in that direction, but we’re going to sit down in a couple weeks in May and find out what that’s all about.”

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