Got Game of Thrones withdrawal? Pedro Pascal provides a fix as the Red Viper

April 6 can’t come soon enough for Game of Thrones fans when the international television sensation based off the book series by George R. R. Martin returns to HBO with a vengeance. With only ten episodes per season and only one season per year since the series premiere in 2011, binge watchers around the world will be giving that signature spirit of vengeance a warm welcome.

In the meantime, Pedro Pascal, who will be playing the Red Viper in the upcoming season, stopped by SiriusXM to discuss his experience as a super fan-turned-star on Game of Thrones. While he is enjoying being part of one of the most landmark casts currently on television, he also delved into the inevitable difficulty of receiving not such warm welcomes from die hard Prince Oberyn fans.

“[Prince Oberyn] is a lover and a fighter for sure. He lives his life through his passions, whether it be you know vengeance or… some nookie nookie,” Pascal joked. “I was pretty scared [to join the cast]. I watched the show like a regular fan so there were so many characters that I was already familiar with, and there were so many people that I met when I got there. Everybody was just so cool and really welcoming and a lot of fun.”

OutQ‘s Larry Flick asked Pascal how he felt about becoming a larger-than-life cast member of Game of Thrones.

“I’d put myself on tape for the audition with my iPhone and sent that in without any kind of expectation of it actually getting seen and making it past the first stages of their casting process,” Pascal explained. “All of a sudden, I was being flown to Belfast to meet everybody. I was under the impression that I really needed to convince them that I was the guy for the part, but they had already sort of decided, and I was really confused.”

Pascal also spoke about trying not to read critiques and comments about his choice for the role; unfortunately, he caught wind of one.

“I think that I definitely try to discipline myself not to look at comments and stuff like that [but] some of it reached me,” Pascal explained. “Some people thought it was a good idea to send me a link to something that was released where George R. R. Martin spoke about the casting… The headline was ‘George R.R. Martin defends the casting of Pedro Pascal.’…I was initially a little terrified that people were so upset that the GUY WHO WROTE THE BOOKS was making a response.”

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