Goose Gossage on agents and innings caps: ‘Stay the hell out of it’

Hall of Famer, nine-time All-Star and one of the original closers. Rich “Goose” Gossage undeniably had one fine career in his 22 seasons in Major League Baseball.

A big reason for Gossage’s long term success was his ability to stay healthy, something that is becoming more and more of a rarity in a sport that has seen one-third of its pitchers undergo Tommy John Surgery. The trend has led to the modern coaching method of closely monitoring pitch counts and creating innings caps, especially for pitchers coming off of surgery.

On SiriusXM Bleacher Report Radio, Gossage explained why he disagrees with the usage of inning and pitch count limits.

“They’re killing these kids by protecting them,” Gossage said. “We’re limiting these kids in their minds because of pitch counts. I go to camp with the Yankees, the first thing a lot of these kids ask when they come off the mound is, ‘How many pitches do I have?’ Had I asked that question back in the day they would have said, ‘Hey kid, don’t worry about the pitches. You just get your ass out there and pitch and we’ll come get you when you get tired.'”

Gossage continued.

“They’re not building up arm endurance, and now you’ve got the agents that are involved and I think they oughta stay the hell out of it.”

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