Remember when President Obama called it “unlikely” that “someone with ebola would reach our shores”? Neither do we. It was just over two weeks ago.

This week in the Press Pool with Julie Mason, we compiled our list of ebola panic shopping items (most listeners are planning to hoard alcohol, batteries, duct tape and plastic sheeting) and watched in horror as the virus did in fact, reach our shores.

It was not a great week for the Obama administration. The president gave a problematic interview to CBS News’ 60 Minutes, in which he appeared to blame the intelligence community for underestimating the threat of the Islamic State.

Eli Lake from The Daily Beast was among the first of many journalists noting that the public record was very full of warnings from intelligence officials about the Islamic State, going back for some months.

Official Washington also collected a new scalp this week, as more scandals at the Secret Service cost the director her job. Julia Pierson underwent a blistering interrogation on Capitol Hill before tendering her resignation after just 18 months on the job.

Former Secret Service agent Dan Emmett was on the show talking about his plan for helping the under-staffed agency.

Ebola, terrorism — nothing can stop politics. Ryan Lizza of the New Yorker this week unleashed a fascinating profile of Sen. Rand Paul, a presidential aspirant and Republican work in progress.

Similarly, Tim Alberta of National Journal spent some quality time with Sen. Ted Cruz, who is keeping a beady eye on Rand Paul, even as he preps his own bid for president.

Meanwhile back at the White House, President Obama hosted a dinner for the visiting Prime Minister Modi of India — who was in the midst of a religious fast. Go ahead and enjoy your food, Modi told the gathering. He sipped water with lime, according to Eddie Gehman Kohan of ObamaFoodorama.

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