Giving the finger, licking randos and other things Norman Reedus does regularly

Airs Friday 2/6 at 6 pm ET
Replays Saturday 2/7 and Sunday 2/8 at 7 am, 11 am, 2 pm, and 6 pm ET

Norman Reedus sat down with EW Radio‘s Dalton Ross to talk about the mid-season five premiere of The Walking Dead, which airs this Sunday at 9 pm ET on AMC. And fans are super stoked.

But first, they got down to business and Dalton asked Reedus the question on everyone’s minds: What is with the bird flipping and fan licking?

“I’m just an idiot,” Reedus joked. “Producers asked me to stop licking people … It’s no fun if they see it coming.”

And obviously, there was banter of the Boondock Saints persuasion.

“It went straight through the roof. It’s made hundreds of millions of dollars, but it took 15 cents to make,” Reedus said. “There was so much passion behind that movie.”

Most importantly, fans asked Reedus if he would be ready for a zombie apocalypse – in real life.

“I have a few weapons. I have a few motorcycles. I’d like to think I’d do pretty well,” Reedus said.

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