Gilbert Melendez: Fight with Diego Sanchez at UFC 166 like The Walking Dead

Following a three-round battle against fellow UFC lightweight Diego Sanchez, Glibert “El Niño” Melendez joined the SiriusXM Fight Club to talk about what it was like to go toe-to-toe with his opponent, evoking a zombie comparison in his recap

It was something I anticipated and practiced for. I knew he was a guy who could take a shot and he might not go down, and I can’t be discouraged and I might have to keep hitting him, he might not go down, I might need to do it for 15 minutes. First round I got some confidence, thought I could finish him and I did exactly feel like I was in a scene from The Walking Dead; like I needed to stab him in the head with a bow and arrow to kill him. The guy’s a mad man, he’s literally a mad man. And you know it was a war.

Viewers of the fight can absolutely understand the comparison. Heck, Sanchez, who suffered a deep laceration over his left eye from a crisp elbow from Melendez and was covered in blood for most of the fight, looked as if he could have been an extra in the AMC series.

Regardless of the outcome, both Melendez and Sanchez walked away winners from the now-memorable fight, using their tricks to give the fans a real treat right before Halloween.

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