Will the NFL Draft have a Midwest feel in 2015? SiriusXM NFL Radio host Gil Brandt thinks so.

This weekend on SiriusXM NFL Radio, Brandt told Alex Marvez and Zig Fracassi that he believes the draft will leave New York City next year.

“If I were an oddsmaker, I would say Chicago is where it’ll be,” Brandt said.

With the move will come a movie premiere feel with an NFL twist, Brandt continued.

The draft is gonna be a grand event, as we know it. It’s gonna be, not only the players being selected, but we’re gonna have events outside of the draft area in which they will have a 40-yard dash race for people that wanna run the 40 like players do. It’ll be just like the event they have at the Super Bowl, the NFL Experience.

Brandt commended the NFL on how it timed the chatter around the 2015 draft during a lull in this year’s offseason.

“What a stroke of genius by doing it now,” Brandt said. “You know, right now is kind of a dull time in the National Football League, other than so-and-so signed a contract, or so-and-so pulled a muscle in training camp. So now, they’ve got this to talk about.

“Next week, there will be a group of people that are gonna be associated with making recommendations to the commissioner,” Brandt continued, “on just where this next draft or supplementary draft should go, and that group will meet next week.”

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