Jeb Bush hasn’t even announced his presidential bid yet, and already the Washington Post has a story about how the campaign went off the rails — before it even started. “It’s June, for crying out loud,” the candidate lamented, on a status-burnishing trip to Europe. Bush announces on Monday. Welcome, governor!

Ed O’Keefe of the Washington Post joined the Press Pool with Julie Mason on SiriusXM’s POTUS channel, to talk about the faint whiff of hubris in the early-days Bush operation.

Relatedly, a succession of political reporters expressed guarded delight at Bush’s hiring of notorious GOP operative Danny Diaz as his new campaign manager. Julie, who was slightly less guarded (because she doesn’t actually have to cover the race) said the savvy Diaz is just the vim the moribund Bush operation was lacking.

In other Republican campaign news, Sen. Marco Rubio got a little unwelcome scrutiny from the New York Times over his messy personal finances. After previously — and enthusiastically — circulating more flattering coverage by the same newspaper, the Rubio campaign wailed the senator was under attack by the “elitist liberal media” and hit up supporters for contributions to address it.

Steven Eder, one of the Times reporters who authored the Rubio story, told Julie the piece was a pretty routine example of presidential campaign coverage.

This past weekend brought a bunch of Republicans to Iowa for infamous hog castrator Sen. Joni Ernst’s big, “Roast and Ride” fundraising event. Who was credible on a motorcycle? Who looked dorky in denim? Julie had a lot of questions for Reid Epstein of the Wall Street Journal, who keeps going back to Iowa like it’s his weekend job.

Weirdness at the White House this week, when an apparent bomb threat forced the sudden evacuation of the Brady Briefing Room. On Capitol Hill, a TSA hearing in the Dirksen Senate Office Building also was cleared after a similar threat. Jim Sciutto of CNN joined Julie to discuss these and other topics of national security.

And Seal Team 6 — it’s not really politics, although their work intersects with politics sometimes. The New York Times published a lengthy, tantalizing investigation of the elite operators — including their secrecy, aptitude for danger and at times lack of accountability. One minor but useful takeaway: Do not call them “commandos.”

Christopher Drew, one of several journalists who worked on the story, talked about it on this week’s show.

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