Get it all in perspective: Rap Radar Report with Elliott Wilson

From hip-hop heads who reminisce about the days when A Tribe Called Quest and Wu-Tang Clan ran the game to the new generation of fans who can’t wait to stream the latest Drake or Nicki Minaj song, Elliott Wilson plans to unite them all under the umbrella of hip-hop culture.

As one of the most influential hip-hop journalists of the past 20 years, Wilson has bridged the gap between artist and audience, paving the road for hip-hop to travel off the fringe of popular music and invade the mainstream. Wilson now brings that prestige to SiriusXM’s new channel, VOLUME, with Rap Radar Report.

A one-stop shop for all things hip-hop, Rap Radar Report will dissect the culture’s hottest topics. A former editor-in-chief of XXL Magazine and the founder of, Wilson’s expertise and experience interviewing and profiling hip-hop’s best and brightest allows him to offer raw and authentic commentary.

“If you love hip-hop, this is the place,” Wilson says. “Because a lot of times these conversations happen online. They happen through Twitter, they happen through Instagram or Snapchat. It’s not housed in one place with an authoritative figure like myself putting things in perspective. Nas has that line, ‘Let’s put it all in perspective.’ That’s how I feel.”

Wilson plans to bring hip-hop’s biggest stars to Rap Radar Report to pull back the curtain on the creative process with behind-the-scenes stories that will engage the audience and satisfy their appetite for stimulating, thought-provoking conversation.

“Music fans in general, they want to know everything,” he says. “They want to know the process. They don’t just love the music. They want to know how everything came together. They want to be inside. They want to know about the creation from all levels. They want to be part of the impact when the record comes out. …Really, it’s just about a great exchange.”

While music will be at the forefront of the show, Wilson will not shy away from covering the issues the culture is facing. He will bring his refreshingly unfiltered takes to any and all situations.

“With the culture now, there’s a lot of serious things going on in this world — police brutality, this presidential election — and hip-hop culture is making music reflecting all of that and our energy is reflecting all of that,” he says. “So it really gives me a chance to dissect and give my take on these things.”

He continues: “But at the same time, it is fun, it’s humorous. There’s times when it’s going to feel real serious, and there’s times when we’re just going to laugh out loud together. I think it’s just really going to represent whatever is going on in the culture that week.”

With VOLUME providing him the right platform to share his personal views on the culture, Wilson encourages fans from all across the “hip-hop nation” to join the conversation as well.

“The thing about music is we like to share, it’s a community,” Wilson says. “You hear a song and you want to tell your friend about it, you want to know what you like about it, what he likes about it, what she likes about it. It’s just always been that way. I think that music is such an important part of everybody’s lives. It’s really that exchange that bonds us together, the power of it. It’s never ending.”

Rap Radar Report airs Mondays 7 to 8 p.m. ET on VOLUME (Ch. 106).

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