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Learn everything you need to know about getting the best deals on Black Friday by tuning in to Business Radio (Ch. 132) on Friday, November 29.Wharton Business Daily (10am to 12pm ET) kicks off the holiday shopping season with an in-depth look at what retailers and consumers can expect on what has historically been one of the largest shopping days of the year – Black Friday. Does this nationwide event have the same impact it once had? How are retailers strategizing to compete for your business? And what are the hottest deals of the day? Hear executives of some of your favorite holiday shopping locations discuss their company’s plans for the day, Cyber Monday and the entirety of the holiday season. Host Dan Loney will also discuss the latest business news and trends.

Then, tune in from 2pm to 5pm ET to get Dave Ramsey‘s expert Black Friday shopping advice on The Dave Ramsey Show. If you need immediate advice, check out Ramsey’s top 5 tips for Black Friday shopping below.


1. Outsmart Dynamic Pricing

OK, what is dynamic pricing anyway? It’s when retailers hike up the prices on online items based on your zip code, search history and whether you’re shopping on a mobile device or laptop. It stinks!

If you want to keep that kind of price gouging at bay, here’s what you need to do before you make an online purchase: Clear your browsing history and cookies, sign out of your social media sites, and switch to private browsing (sometimes it’s called incognito mode). Try this next time you’re looking for the best deals online and see if it saves you a little bit of cash!

2. Buy Discounted Gift Cards

If you know you’re going to spend money at a specific store, buying discounted gift cards can be a huge money saver. Sites like Raise and CardCash let users sell their unwanted gift cards at a reduced rate. If buying gift cards from random people online weirds you out, buy them at Costco instead! That’s right, even Costco is getting in on the action by selling discounted gift cards to restaurants, retail stores and spas.

So let’s say you already know you’re going to do all your back-to-school shopping at Old Navy or your Christmas shopping at Target. Why not buy a discounted gift card to the store? It could save you 10 to 15%!

3. Try Price Matching

It’s true — stores like Kohl’s, Target and Walmart all participate in price matching with their competitors. Let’s say you’re standing in the kitchen aisle at Target about to buy a sparkling new set of cookware. Sure, you’re in Target, but what if that set of pots and pans is cheaper at Walmart across town? A quick search on your phone tells you yes, it is cheaper! Just let the folks at Target know, show them the proof, and they should be able to match the lower price. Give it a shot sometime!

And speaking of Walmart — their app offers a Savings Catcher that’s pretty much a price-matching tool. You scan your receipt, Walmart compares prices, and then they’ll refund you the difference in a digital gift card if an item is advertised cheaper at a competitor’s store. Not too shabby!

4. Get Social

It pays to follow your favorite stores and brands on social media. Many brands will announce special flash sales for their social media followers, and some even offer free shipping codes. If you really love a certain shop or brand, follow them on social media and take advantage of being in the loop.

But tread carefully here. Sometimes, following your favorites on social media can tempt you with major impulse buys, so look out!

5. Buy Online and Pick Up in Store

How do you avoid paying those outrageous shipping costs (and still score the online-only discount)? Simple. Have it shipped to the store. You might even be able to pick up the item the same day you order it — talk about convenient.

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