Get buzzed at the Music Row Happy Hour with Buzz Brainard in Nashville!

Every Friday afternoon, The Highway (Ch. 56) host Buzz Brainard walks down Broadway from our studios at Bridgestone Arena to Nashville’s Margaritaville restaurant. When he arrives, there’s a line down the block of SiriusXM subscribers from across the country who have come to participate in The Highway’s Music Row Happy Hour, a Friday afternoon broadcast that gets the weekend party started.Buzz’s Friday workspace is located on the second floor of the massive, tiki-themed restaurant. Hundreds of patrons crowd in front of the stage, cheering, singing and vying for their chance to get on the radio and meet their favorite country artists. The weekly event has become a premier stop for Nashville tourists, and no reservation is required.

Music Row Happy Hour FAQs

Where is the Music Row Happy Hour located?

What time does Music Row Happy Hour begin and end?

  • The show starts at 3pm CST but the doors open around 2pm. The broadcast ends around 7pm CST.

Are reservations or tickets required? Can I get a table?

  • No reservations or tickets are required, but as a heads up there is usually a line. Music Row Happy Hour is first come first served, but you might want to line up outside Margaritaville early if you’d like to try to get a table.

How do I get on the air?

  • The best way to get on the air is to fill out a card that we provide on-site and tell us about your group and experience! Keep in mind that showing up early or bringing gifts does not increase your chances of being on the air. There are no guarantees as on-air opportunities are limited!

Can I bring gifts?

  • You do not need to bring gifts although they are appreciated – you’re not guaranteed to give/present Buzz the gift on the air.

I cannot make it to the Happy Hour, but is it possible to still send Buzz a patch?

  • Yes! Our mailing address is: 501 Broadway #600 Nashville, TN 37203

Will we be guaranteed to talk to Buzz/get a picture with him at the Happy Hour?

  • Buzz does his best to make sure he says hello to everyone and will even come down to the crowd and tables as well as take selfies! Thanks in advance for your patience.

Where can we share updates from the Music Row Happy Hour and look at the experience later?

  • Keep an eye on our socials for updates, pictures, videos, and Facebook Live of the Music Row Happy Hour. Our hashtag is #MRHH
    • Twitter: @SxmTheHighway
    • Instagram: @SxmTheHighway
    • Facebook: @OnTheHighway
  • The pictures/Facebook live videos we take at the Happy Hour will be posted on our Facebook page after the show so be sure to check them out and tag yourselves

Where do we find details about select/remote shows of the Music Row Happy Hour?

  • You can find more details closer to the dates on our schedule.

Will there be any security checks?

  • There will be security checks for your safety where bags will be checked and no open containers(bottled water, soda, etc.) will be allowed inside.

Will there be any live music/artist interviews?

  • We have surprise guests show up all the time!  You never know who will drop by.

Any recommendations for what to do while we are in town?

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