Geoff Cameron has dedication, desire and discipline tattooed on his left arm. That is a motto he both lives and plays by, as Cameron and the United States Men’s National Team tries to enforce their style of play on Portugal and come out with a victory Sunday.

“We need to go into Portugal. We have a no fear attitude. We are going there to win,” Cameron said on the Football Show with Ray Hudson and Charlie Stillitano on Thursday.

According to Cameron, the United States can’t afford to cede possession to the Portuguese like they did to Ghana in the team’s 2-1 win on Monday.

“You can’t sit back and defend for 90 minutes because you see where that gets you sometimes,” Cameron said. “We need to take it to teams. We need to get the ball down the pitch. We need to create things.”

Germany exposed the Portuguese defense in their 4-0 win on Monday, giving the United States the blueprint on how to attack. Cameron says the key for the U.S. against Portugal is to improve their play on the ball.

“If we kind of bring that same mentality and the same way we played with against Nigeria, the way we moved the ball in the last game before Ghana, we did a lot of things with movement on and off the ball,” Cameron said. “And if we bring that creativity to Portugal I think we will open up some holes.”

Portugal won’t be at full strength against the United States. Starting defenders Pepe and Fabio Coentrao will miss Sunday’s match due to red card suspension and injury, respectively. Cristiano Ronaldo’s health is also in question after leaving training early Wednesday due to lingering leg problems that plagued him through the last few months of his season at Real Madrid.

The United States will be without their number one striker Jozy Altidore after he left in the first half of the game against Ghana due to a hamstring injury. Cameron said the team is hopeful Altidore will be back later in the tournament, but they needed to adjust to Aron Johannsson’s style of play in the meantime.

“Aron is more a guy that runs in behind and between the lines, and Jozy is a guy that brings the feature that he can hold the ball. He’s strong. He’s powerful. So we had to change little things in the game.”

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