This past week in politics on the Press Pool with Julie Mason was rich with prison stories, heavy tattoos, Cosmo centerfolds and an absconding first lady.

Julie chatted with M.J. Lee of Politico on M.J.’s exclusive jailhouse interview with the notorious Bernie Madoff. Was he sorry? Kind of.

Out in Los Angeles, strange posters appeared featuring a heavily muscled and tattooed Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas ahead of a Cruz speech to local Republicans. Catalina Camia of USA Today joined Jules to ponder the meaning of this odd manifestation.

Mark Leibovich of the New York Times wrote a column about Scott Brown’s slow political tease in New Hampshire (Brown has since indicated he’s running for Senate) but Julie wanted to know when Mark would try to match Brown’s inspirational centerfold in Cosmopolitan.

Among Julie’s major vexations are efforts by the White House to restrict independent press coverage. Ann Compton of ABC News was on the show discussing First Lady Michelle Obama’s trip to China — sans a traveling press pool.

Olivier Knox of Yahoo News also had a few tart words about claims the White House press briefing is scripted (wrong) and White House efforts to deploy social media as a substitute for independent news coverage.

Also on the show, David Wood of Huffington Post discussed his excellent new series on moral injury, an emotional malady afflicting troops returning home from war that is in the early stages of being recognized and treated.

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