Gase: Ability to help Tannehill big reason he took Dolphins’ job

NFL Radio - 2014 TCT - Dolphins - QB Ryan TannehillAdam Gase knew he had found the right place when the Miami Dolphins hired him to be their coach after last season.

He did his homework and believed the Dolphins gave him the best opportunity for success. Right now, he is looking smart, with the Dolphins on a five-game winning streak and in second place in the AFC East with a 6-4 record.

‘It just seemed like the right place for me’

“For me, this is a place that I targeted, just kind of what I had envisioned as far as the coaching staff and things like that and the setup of kind of the direction we were looking to,” Gase told Bruce Murray and Brady Quinn on the SiriusXM Blitz. “Obviously, Ryan (Tannehill) being here, a young quarterback that I felt like could be a guy that I could help, that was very attractive to me as far as just the personnel right out of the gate. … It just seemed like the right place for me.”

Gase has been impressed with how Tannehill has handled the constant changes with the Dolphins’ offense since he joined the team as a first-round draft pick in 2012.

‘There’s little details that kind of are coached differently’

“I’m the third guy that has come in here with him and that’s tough,” Gase said. “When you’re constantly learning playbooks, it seems like it’s simple, the same concepts, but the terminology starts changing, there’s little details that kind of are coached differently. And when you’re a quarterback and you’re thinking and you’re not reacting and it’s not kind of automatic, it slows you down just a small amount, but it’s enough in this league.

“And when you see guys that are able to be in the same system for a long period of time, you see them have success, because we always say, ‘Know your outs. … Where are your outs if something goes disastrous.’ And when guys know the offense like the back of their hand, and that’s through repetition, and over time, that’s where you can avoid getting hit, getting sacked, turning the ball over. That’s why you see these guys that are in offenses five-six years, they don’t turn the ball over a lot.”

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