Gary Payton and Justin TermineForget Stephen Curry, and Deron Williams, and John Wall, and Jrue Holiday; according to Basketball Hall of Famer Gary Payton, there are just three true point guards left in the NBA.

Last week on SiriusXM NBA Radio, host Justin Termine asked Payton to name who he thought was the best point guard in the NBA since Steve Nash won back-to-back NBA MVP awards in 2005 and 2006. Payton named two, then explained his definition of a “true point guard.”

Tony Parker and Chris Paul. Right now, there’s only three true point guards in the NBA. And people don’t understand what true point guards are. True point guards are a person who can take a basketball team and get assists, be a coach, score when he has to, play defense. I think Chris Paul does that very well, and I think Tony Parker does it very well. And people who don’t like the kid, Rondo, are crazy. I think his attitude might not be the way people want it to be, but Rondo is a great basketball player and a great point guard. He can do all of them things.

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