From Ted to Tumbleweeds: Seth MacFarlane talks new film A Million Ways to Die in the West

Whether you know (and love) Seth MacFarlane for his work on Family Guy as “Petah” Griffin, his frank and furry friend Ted, his stint as the uproarious Academy Awards host last year, or all three, he is a favorite funny guy of ours at SiriusXM. MacFarlane stopped in this week to participate in one of our events hosted by Entertainment Weekly editor Matt Bean. MacFarlane had the crowd roaring as usual, and he even discussed his next laugh-a-minute film, A Million Ways to Die in the West, which hits theatres this May.

“This idea came about when we were in the closing stages of Ted… We all love the genre but every western you ever see just makes it look like it would be such a fucking depressing place and time to live in,” MacFarlane joked. “There’s nothing to do. You have your house, and then if you want to go out anywhere it takes you like three hours by horse to get to town, and when you get there, there’s like one restaurant, one store that sells nothing. Or you can go to the saloon and get murdered.”

Check out the trailer below!

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