From hard copy to small screen: Author Charlaine Harris talks True Blood

True Blood binge watchers may be familiar with the sultry Sookie Stackhouse, but author Charlaine Harris’ avid readers have been sinking their teeth into Sookie’s stories since way before vampires became mainstream. Harris recently stopped by the Frank DeCaro Show to talk about bringing her vampire mystery series from print to the small screen, and specifically why she chose to work with screenwriter Alan Ball.

“I thought I was doing the right thing because Alan was another Southern guy. He’s a true son of the South. And I could see that he could do a mixture of humor and horror and emotional distress and emotional joy,” Harris said. “I felt like I was going with the most attractive offer artistically.”

Harris’ stories provide a thrilling backdrop for the HBO series’ red hot cast. So what’s the most popular questions she gets on her book tours?

“[Fans] always want to know if I based some of the more attractive characters on people I actually know,” Harris said. “A lot of them actually want Alexander Skarsgard’s phone number.”

Wildly popular HBO show and hunky cast aside – Harris does not plan on putting down her pen anytime soon. In fact, her newest trilogy starter, Midnight Crossroad, hits the shelves next week. Though she is raking in some serious dough for True Blood (she went out and bought a Lexus – thanks HBO!), Harris told DeCaro that she does not intend to give up her creative outlet anytime soon.

“I certainly have a very different head interior from my exterior. My head is a mysterious and dark place to live sometimes,” Harris said. “I think that’s why so many writers are so well-adjusted, especially murder mystery writers…They get to take this out in their creative life.”

Be sure to check out the rest of Harris’ interview below!

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