Former Senator Bob Graham calls for release of 28 pages detailing Saudi Arabian involvement in 9/11

The recent horrific attack on Charlie Hebdo’s staff in Paris has ignited discussions about acts of organized violence. Former senator Bob Graham is currently calling for the Obama administration to release 28 classified pages of a 2003 congressional report on 9/11, which allegedly detail Saudi Arabian involvement. Graham told Michael Smerconish he has read these pages but cannot discuss their content until the Obama administration makes them public. He referenced yesterday’s attack in Paris as a tragic result of Islamic extremism and hopes the tragedy will increase the likelihood of the pages’ release.

“My chain of analysis of this is that Saudi Arabia has, without question, most advanced the cause of extreme Islam,” Graham said. “It’s now 12 years after 9/11. The only thing the federal government has done relative to Saudi Arabia is cover up its involvement. I believe that what the Saudis are interpreting our actions as saying is that we are complicit. We are prepared to accept their actions even when they are as horrific towards us as 9/11. That has got to stop.”

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