In the 1990’s, the NBA was all about Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls and their legendary six championship wins. Then in the 20000’s, we had Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers’ winning it all five times.

Both players led their teams on two of the greatest runs in recent NBA history, and both will forever go down as all-time greats. But which of the two players’ accomplishments are more impressive?

Former NBA All-Star Horace Grant, who won three championships alongside Jordan and one with Bryant, gave his answer to the question on SiriusXM NBA Radio.

“Michael, his will to win is second to none,” Grant said. “Kobe is such a close second. Their competitiveness, the ultimate competitors who just hate to lose. Only difference I would say is Michael spent three years in college, Kobe came out of high school. And Michael has six championships, Kobe has five.”

Can Bryant ever match Jordan’s six championships? Former Laker and NBA Hall of Famer James Worthy thinks he won’t give up just yet.

“I know Kobe wants six championships,” Worthy said. “He wants to tie Michael. He’s still upset that they lost the one to Detroit. He’s still not happy with that, so Kobe’s looking to win six. It just depends on his body, man. The body can’t take it so much. As far as I can see, if he can play less minutes, take less money, I see him playing some more. I don’t believe him retiring until I see it.”

Worthy also explained why he believes the Lakers would beat the Bulls in a match-up of the two team’s all-time greats.

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