Find out if Hits 1’s Ryan Sampson beat the World Record for opening soda cans

“We’re gonna need a bigger tarp.”

A Guinness World Record attempt has been made in the SiriusXM studios!

Hits 1’s Ryan Sampson strived to become a record-breaker today, by attempting to open the most cans of soda with a ring pull in one minute. Ryan was joined by his cohosts, Nicole Ryan and Stanley T, who acted as the commentators during the attempt, in addition to having many spectators outside the studio.

In order to break the record, Ryan needed to beat Andrè Ortolf, a serial record breaker from Germany’s record of 88 cans.

In preparation, Ryan had trained by timing himself opening a full case of cans, and felt ready. However, by the time Ryan had reached the 30 second mark into his official attempt, regulated by Guinness World Records Records Manager, Michael Funarri, he had to switch hands because a ‘fingernail issue.’

Thirty six cans, and two fingernails later, Ryan called it quits to avoid injuring himself anymore, but Funarri encouraged him not to give up on his dreams because there is always another record to break.

Watch Ryan’s official record-break attempt:

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