Don’t miss these 7 Spring Break playlists from across the decades

Spring Break has arrived! And thousands of college kids will flock to the beach, work on their tans and party ’til the locals send them packing. Whether you’re making the trip yourself or just want to relive the glory days of being young and reckless, we have 7 playlists that’ll take you through decades of Spring Break.

Click HERE to listen to Carolina Shag Radio‘s 1950s Spring Break Playlist.

Spring Break on the Carolina shore in the ‘50s saw beach music beginning to develop out of mostly underground R&B tracks that college kids discovered in jukeboxes, open-air dance spaces and beer-serving bars called Juke Joints. The harder-to-find records were perfect for a dance called “The Shag” and for escaping a stifling college campus. The songs were racy and “forbidden” by the establishment.

Click HERE to listen to 60s on 6‘s 1960s Spring Break Playlist.

Spring Break in the ‘60s saw college students flocking to Fort Lauderdale, where according to TIME Magazine, they “grilled themselves medium-rare all day, beach-boozed all night, and blew the foam off the early hours by decanting sand sharks.” Enjoy the cool of a non-stop beach party as we go “Dancing In The Street” in “Surf City” with your favorite music of the ‘60s.

Click HERE to listen to 70s on 7‘s 1970s Spring Break Playlist.

Spring Break in the ’70s meant jumping in your friend’s custom van with an 8-track in the dash, four swivel bucket seats and a bunk bed in the back. Upon arrival to your beachfront destination, you checked in to a small beach motel and told the front desk there were “two of you” while eight others waited down the block. Then the music started and so did the party. The rest, you don’t remember.

Click HERE to listen to 80s on 8‘s 1980s Spring Break Playlist.

Spring Break in the ‘80s meant sun, sex, Speedos and skimpy bikinis. You’d drive your van down to Daytona, unpack some folding chairs, and play your boombox before hitting the town at night and trashing your motel room. Everything was bigger in the decade of excess. Have a gnarly Spring Break and enjoy these righteous ‘80s tunes!

Click HERE to listen to 90s on 9‘s 1990s Spring Break Playlist.

In the ‘90s, MTV ruled Spring Break because what’s cooler than partying with your favorite celebs and getting your 15 seconds of fame? There was more drinking, more nudity, and cameras everywhere to capture the rawest moments. If you couldn’t be the one on camera puking in the sand, you got to watch it all from your grandma’s couch.

Click HERE to listen to Pop2K‘s 2000s Spring Break Playlist.

The debauchery of the ’90s only got bigger in the age of Four Loko, but it was still all about MTV Spring Break. The biggest music stars were partying on your TV screen, and you were either there or dancing along in your living room. Luckily, social media hadn’t quite gone global, so your secrets were safe unless you were caught on tape.

Click HERE to listen to Hits 1 and Venus‘s 2018 Spring Break Playlist.

Today’s Spring Breakers are partying everywhere from Panama City Beach to Cancun. The cooler the destination, the more you can brag about it on social media! Get your Spring Break on millennial-style with some of today’s biggest hits, and make your #SB2018 one to (barely) remember! Red plastic cups and cheap booze not included.

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