Favre: Rodgers ‘really hasn’t played that bad’

Aaron RodgersYou set lofty standards as a player, or a team, and expectations are going to follow suit.

That, Brett Favre believes, is the No. 1 issue regarding the criticism that has been directed at Aaron Rodgers and the rest of the Green Bay Packers’ offense. And Favre should know, having previously occupied the Packers’ quarterback position.

‘You take it for granted, you get spoiled’

“I think the problem with Aaron is he’s been so good for so long, much like the Packers themselves,” Favre said during his weekly appearance on the SiriusXM Blitz. “When I got there in ’92 it had been 25 years roughly, give or take, since they had been to the playoffs, people were just kind of used to being average. And then, all of a sudden, we propelled the team to bigger and better things and that has withstood since then and I think people just … you take it for granted, you get spoiled. And that’s the thing with Aaron Rodgers.”

That isn’t to say Favre is ignoring Rodgers’ struggles as a passer. He acknowledges them, but he also doesn’t think they should be causing as much alarm as they are among Packers fans.

‘His bad is pretty doggone good’

“I get surprised, too, when he misses a throw that Aaron Rodgers doesn’t miss,” Favre said. “He’s such a good football player, he’s such a dynamic player and he’s such a weapon and I’m sure every defensive coordinator will tell you, ‘Hey, what he did last week has no bearing on this week. I hate to go up against the guy.’ And in the grand scheme of things, he really hasn’t played that bad. His bad is pretty doggone good.

“But you’re seeing a few things that you don’t normally see from him, and I think when you start pressing and those things and people start (being critical). Everyone likes good things said about them, so I’m sure that, even though he may say it — that it doesn’t bother him — that stuff bothers you.

“So you’re trying to push and press and get back to where you were and, ultimately, it will come. Because he’s just too good for it not to.”

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Matt Ludtke

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