Favre: Packers, Patriots on track to meet in the Super Bowl

Brett Favre thinks the teams are trending on a championship collision course.

The New England Patriots have long been on that path, but the Green Bay Packers have caught plenty of people by surprise by getting red hot at the end of the season.


‘Much better than their record indicates’

After pummeling the New York Giants in last Sunday’s wild-card game, the Packers, Favre insists, should continue their roll all the way to the Super Bowl, where he expects them to face the Patriots.

“When you look at records across the league, especially now, teams that are still playing, they’re one of those that you could say is much better than their record indicates,” the Packers’ Hall-of-Famer said on his regular spot on the SiriusXM Blitz. “And I’ve been a Dallas, I wouldn’t say supporter, but I’ve been behind Dallas all year. And with each week, I’ve gotten a little more confident in their play, but still, I think if you’re not a Cowboys fan, you’re probably going, ‘Yeah, but you know they’re bound to stumble at some point.’

‘They’re hot at the right times’

“… Teams like Atlanta, who have found a way to stumble at some point, and I’m by no means disrespecting or knowing them, until they conquer their demons, it’s going to be talked about. Green Bay, on the other hand, they’ve had their problems, but they’ve been there. They’ve done that. And they’re hot at the right times.

“And New England’s New England. They’re hot all the time. I still say It’s Green Bay-New England in the Super Bowl.”

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