Favre: Packers have better chance than Lions to win NFC North

Brett Favre Andy Reid 800The Detroit Lions lead the NFC North with a 7-4 record.

The Green Bay Packers are in third place at 5-6, one game behind the Minnesota Vikings.

But if you ask Brett Favre, the Hall-of-Fame quarterback will tell you that he expects the Packers are better equipped to win the division and continued to prove as much in their 27-13 victory against the Philadelphia Eagles Monday night.

‘The Packers have been head-scratchers for the most part’

“Whether you’re a Packer fan or not, I think we all could say, of the two teams, the Packers have the better chance,” Favre said during his regular appearance on the SiriusXM Blitz. “There’s several very good reasons for that. I think, just in general, the Packers have been head-scratchers for the most part because of their demise. But they’re a more complete team.

“And not to mention that division really, in my opinion, is up in the air. The team that’s leading the division has trailed in the fourth quarter, I think, in every one of their games. Not to mention, has lost to the Packers and will play the Packers again. And I’ve said this from Day One and I continue to say it: I think the Packers will win that division. I think they’re a much better team.

‘They’ve really played well in the offensive phase’

“I think (Monday) night was a good indication of what type of team they are. But it’s not that they’ve played bad in all three phases. They’ve really played well in the offensive phase. They have tremendous weapons. Obviously, Aaron is playing lights out, but they have a really good offensive line, they have great weapons. And, defensively, they get a couple guys back that have been hurt and they’re right in the hunt.

“They will be there. They’re just too good. I think their schedule’s favorable as we go down the road.”

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